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Jay z

  • New York City at Madison Square Garden. Sept. 11

Blink 182

  • Merriweather Post Pavilion Columbia, MD Aug 30 - 11:00 AM

Depeche Mode

  • Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood Atlanta, GA Sept. 1 7:30 PM

Pearl Jam

  • KeyArea Seattle, WA - 7:30 PM Sept. 21-22
  • The Amphitheater at Clark County Ridgefield, WA 7:30 PM Sept. 26
  • The E-Center of West Valley City West Valley City, UT 7:30 PM Sept. 29


This week we hang out with the hottest new duo from Hollywood... LMFAO. RedFoo and SkyBlu are big fans of skateboarding and have contributed a lot to its soundtrack with the release of their hot new CD on the Interscope label entitled "Party Rock". Watch Video>>

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Some people don't require much to get out of the house, get on their board and into the wind.

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lmfaoLMFAO - ONTHEMiC We talked to the LMFAO duo about their style and their clothing line. Available at PartyRockLife.com - Check it out here>>

DVS Skateboard Demo

Skatetronics.com covered its first event April 18, 2009 at Pedlow Park in Encino, Ca. The DVS shoes team came out and rocked it. They gave all the kids free stuff and everyone had a good time. Thanks to Gabe and Jeron and a very special thanks to Ryan Newman from Zeke and Luther. And a super thanks to DJ Gimel for lacing the air with beats. 


When we say gear we're referring to clothes or equiptment. Whether it's shoes, pants shirts T's, skateboards, pads, helmets and even video cameras or digital still cameras. We want you to know what you're buying before you buy it. Where the deals are. Check out our GearReview page before you spend your money...read more


Long Island, New York Village Hall to crack down on skateboarders


I read an article out of Port Jefferson Long Island in N.Y about newly elected village board trustee Leslea Snyder proposing a city policy making it illegal for skateboarders to ride on the sidewalks or in the parking lots and areas around buildings in the business district. Snyder proposes violators have their skateboards taken away if caught. Does this woman have kids in her family? Does she and other citiy officials around America remember when they were young and just wanted to be a kid having fun? Doesn't sound like it. It also doesn't sound like Snyder really cares about the safety of skateboarders as she states in the story, [original story].

If she cared she would speak to some of the political high and mighty's around her and ask them for donations to build more skateparks around the city (village). This would be a small price to pay rather then to sick the police on these kids. Cops have better things to do than playing parent to kids who just want to have fun. In this society where the politicians line their pockets in exchange for allowing certain food companies to pollute the food with fats, genetically modified ingredients and non nutritional additives, you would think they would be happy to see these kids exercising which off-sets childhood obesity which results from genetically modified foods, trash food and fast food. Kids do need to be safe when having fun but maybe the solution is not to lash out at them but to try and provide what they need to be safe. Remember, they are citizens too and will soon be tax payers and might just vote you out of office. So act like a neighbor and not a stranger to the community.

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Angelo Moore of Fishbone, for more than 25 years Angelo Moore and Fishbone have laid down some of the groovyist music in alternative rock and R&B. Their sound has influenced artist like No Doubt, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and more. But has there been a blackout of this amazingly innovative all-black rock band from Los Angeles? Has there been an effort to reduce the number of black bands in the music industry? coming soon...


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