Up Coming Concerts

Jay z

  • New York City at Madison Square Garden. Sept. 11

Blink 182

  • Merriweather Post Pavilion Columbia, MD Aug 30 - 11:00 AM

Depeche Mode

  • Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood Atlanta, GA Sept. 1 7:30 PM

Pearl Jam

  • KeyArea Seattle, WA - 7:30 PM Sept. 21-22
  • The Amphitheater at Clark County Ridgefield, WA 7:30 PM Sept. 26
  • The E-Center of West Valley City West Valley City, UT 7:30 PM Sept. 29


This week we hang out with the hottest new duo from Hollywood... LMFAO. RedFoo and SkyBlu are big fans of skateboarding and have contributed a lot to its soundtrack with the release of their hot new CD on the Interscope label entitled "Party Rock". Watch Video>>

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Some people don't require much to get out of the house, get on their board and into the wind.

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lmfaoLMFAO - ONTHEMiC We talked to the LMFAO duo about their style and their clothing line. Available at PartyRockLife.com - Check it out here>>

DVS Skateboard Demo

Skatetronics.com covered its first event April 18, 2009 at Pedlow Park in Encino, Ca. The DVS shoes team came out and rocked it. They gave all the kids free stuff and everyone had a good time. Thanks to Gabe and Jeron and a very special thanks to Ryan Newman from Zeke and Luther. And a super thanks to DJ Gimel for lacing the air with beats. 


When we say gear we're referring to clothes or equiptment. Whether it's shoes, pants shirts T's, skateboards, pads, helmets and even video cameras or digital still cameras. We want you to know what you're buying before you buy it. Where the deals are. Check out our GearReview page before you spend your money...read more

Have you checked out the Nike campaign with Paul Rodriquez Jr. and hip hop legend Ice Cube? It features a cameo by L A Laker Star Kobi Bryant. Check the commercial out below...



THE 1st ANNUAL SUNSET STRIP FESTIVAL WAS A BIG HIT. After a massive effort of planning and wrangling, the second annual Sunset Strip Music Festival event was a big hit. The festival brought live music back to the streets of Hollywood Blvd. This event was great and long over due for a city that lives and breaths music. The only thing missing was a free admission which may have been possible if not for a failing economy brought on by the crooks on wall street and the stooges in Washington DC which probably would have otherwise brought enough sponsors to cover this event' s expenses and made it possible to have a free events in a time when a few people still have a bit of disposable money. The tickets were $39.50.

Although I don't know the director of the Sunset Strip Music Festival, Todd Steadman, he is to be commended for his attention to detail in organizing the festival which was held on outdoor stages right on the famous Sunset Strip as well as several legendary indoor venues, The Viper Room, The Roxy, The Whisky, The Cat Club, The Key Club and the fabulous House of Blues. This event was a music lovers dream.

This event was originally scheduled for June 26 through the 28 but had to be rescheduled in order to make the event the best it could be and the reschedule was well worth it. The Festival took place on Sept. 10, 11 and 12. This events was great and if America is still here next year I can imagine a hugely anticipated and even more successful event.

The artist who graced the many stages with their talent were Ozzie Osborne KORN, Chris Cornell, Pepper, Kottonmouth Kings, Shiny Toy Guns, Shwayze, LMFAO, Unwritten Law, The Donnas, Fishbone, Iglu & Hartly, Iration, Super Mash Bros., The Tender Box, Earl Greyhound, The Ringers, Eulogies, Endless, Hallway, The Pricks, Awolnation, Talib Kweli, Dirt Nasty, Andre Legacy, Beardo, Trouble Andrew, Rob Roy, Onesidezero, Illectrolytes, SSX, The Hopeless, The Irish Goodbye, Ragsy, No Thanks, Motor Gun Hotel, The Ashes, Volume, The Shrills, Radius, Ladyjack, Diamond Lane, Vains of Jenna, Lonely Drunks Club and B Real.

There was all the trappings of a successful rock concert that would be expected. beautiful girls young under-aged music fans, rocker, punkers, skaters did I say beautiful girls? And the list of sponsors couldn't be more appropriate with the likes of Virgin America, 98.7 FM, Jack Daniel’s, Miller Lite, Ticketmaster, LA Weekly, Signature Creative and Metal Jeans.

The festival brought out many stars as well as the real star which are the fans of all music. This was also a time to honor music giant Lou Adler whose effect and contribution to the history of music is staggering. Adler produced legendary artist like R&B/Soul legend Sam Cooke, The Mamas and the Papas, Carole King and Ceech and Chong. Lou Adler is also the owner of one of the best rock clubs in Hollywood, The Roxy. Ozzie Osborne was also honored on saturday at the House of Blues where many notables praised the former front man for the gods of metal-rock, Black Sabbath. Ozzie is a human time capsule of metal rock and his performance at the House of Blues proves he continues to be timeless. I can't wait for next year's Sunset Strip Music festival .

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