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This week we hang out with the hottest new duo from Hollywood... LMFAO. RedFoo and SkyBlu are big fans of skateboarding and have contributed a lot to its soundtrack with the release of their hot new CD on the Interscope label entitled "Party Rock". Watch Video>>

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Some people don't require much to get out of the house, get on their board and into the wind.

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lmfaoLMFAO - ONTHEMiC We talked to the LMFAO duo about their style and their clothing line. Available at PartyRockLife.com - Check it out here>>

DVS Skateboard Demo

Skatetronics.com covered its first event April 18, 2009 at Pedlow Park in Encino, Ca. The DVS shoes team came out and rocked it. They gave all the kids free stuff and everyone had a good time. Thanks to Gabe and Jeron and a very special thanks to Ryan Newman from Zeke and Luther. And a super thanks to DJ Gimel for lacing the air with beats. 





IT'S OFFICIAL! Skateboarding has been catapulted into the status of at least that of Arena Football in terms of its coverage on mainstream media. Today, June 27, 2010 on FOX aired the Maloof Money Cup from Flushing New York and NBC aired the Dew Tour Skate Open from Boston. This I imagine is just the beginning of possibly many televised skate events, although I am keeping a reserved position on this due to the fact that the television media has such a short attention span and a small mind when it comes to developing the audience and developing new and interesting ways to film and capture these events in a way that brings the action off the screen for maxium effect. No matter how much influence is carried by some rich executives son who loves skateboarding, the final decision will be made by some executive VP who knows little about real entertainment.

Commercials, advertisments, events broadcast, major sponsors from corporate giants leaves no doubt that there is a big investmet being made in the world of skateboarding. Let's hope its a sincere effort and not just a corporate trend, as well let's hope it doesn't come at the expense of the trueness of skateboarding, which I always say is similar to hip hop. Skateboarding is a culture unto itself. Its a way of life for those involved. Its elements consist of art in the form of graffiti and music which ranges from Hip Hop to Metal. Self expression which is illustrated in the many styles created by the riders with their clothes, shoes, tatts, piercings, head-gear, hair and their boards. They have their hot girls who are also riders, fans and of course the groupies, god bless the groupies. :-D

I have noticed a single-mindedness when it comes to nation-wide commercials with P. Rod aka Paul Rodriquez. The comedian's son has made a name for himself and is derserving of this attention but the corporate giants are missing out on the opportunity to broaden the range of skateboarding representatives. This is truely an international movement and this is not being illustrated in the commercials we see. Corporate America... stop trying to shape the world's view of skateboarding and try to simply excentuate it. We all hope the concept of HULU, which says it aims to turn our brains into a cottage cheese-like mush in order to scoop it out with a melon baller and gobble it right on up, is only a tongue and cheek poke at us and not the real aim of corporate-heads who control the media.

By the way... big ups to the Shaun White Skateboarding game which has a commercial which is visually amazing and makes a much better effort at representing the riders.