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This week we hang out with the hottest new duo from Hollywood... LMFAO. RedFoo and SkyBlu are big fans of skateboarding and have contributed a lot to its soundtrack with the release of their hot new CD on the Interscope label entitled "Party Rock". Watch Video>>

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Some people don't require much to get out of the house, get on their board and into the wind.

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lmfaoLMFAO - ONTHEMiC We talked to the LMFAO duo about their style and their clothing line. Available at PartyRockLife.com - Check it out here>>

DVS Skateboard Demo

Skatetronics.com covered its first event April 18, 2009 at Pedlow Park in Encino, Ca. The DVS shoes team came out and rocked it. They gave all the kids free stuff and everyone had a good time. Thanks to Gabe and Jeron and a very special thanks to Ryan Newman from Zeke and Luther. And a super thanks to DJ Gimel for lacing the air with beats. 



Talib Kwali @ San Diego IndieFest 8

Its was an amazingly beautiful day at the 8th Annual San Diego Indie Fest near downtown San Diego. The San Diego indie fest is a Festival featuring independent music artist and independent film makers from around the world bringing an eclectic mix of creative energy together in one place for one week. The festival lasted 3 days, August 16-18, and hosted 5 stages for music artist to perform. The festival was well organized and staged for easy access and migration between each event.

Skatetronics.com Talib Kwali @ San Diego IndieFest 8

On Saturday at 6:30pm one of hip hop's most respected and charactered artist was brought on stage to an enthusiastic crowd who appeared very familiar with the lyrics to most, if not all his songs. Talib Kwali strolled on stage looking cool, smooth and in command of the stage. He performed for an hour with his DJ and dazzle the crowd of dedicated followers. His style was smooth and his gear was tastefully gangster. The designer Nikes with camouflage baggies, the black Tee, shades and rocking the black NYC baseball cap. Talib's reserved energy kept it fly as he riddle the air with lyrical shots that hit the audience with 44 caliber knowledge that flowed from the microphone. Talib performed gems from his early hits to his recent ones as well as his Black Star days.

Summer Mencher & The Re-Zen
Talib Kwali's website

Two other notable artist who performed that day are Summer Mencher & The Re-Zen, a female led funk-rock band reminiscent of the Sky & The Family Stone era

Summer Mencher & The Re-Zen

and Best Coast whose lead singer is already a star with the power she has in her voice. Both bands caught my attention and that's not easy to do.

Best Coast