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UpComing SkateboardEvents -

Wednesday August 4th – Sunday August 8th 2010 from 10am to 10pm

OC Fair and Events Center – Action Sports Arena 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA

Volcom Street Pro Carl’s Jr Pro Vert Championship Women’s Pro Street Championship World Industries Amateur Championships Tech Deck Best Trick

Maloof Money Cup 2010 California Schedule Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa

August 4, 2010

Masters of Vert Master of Street

Thursday August 5, 2010

Last Chance Qualifiers (invite only)

Friday August 6, 2010

Carl’s Jr Pro Vert: Semi Finals Volcom Street Pro: Semi Finals Part 1

Saturday August 7, 2010

Carl’s Jr Pro Vert: Finals Volcom Street Pro: Semi Finals Part 2

Sunday August 8, 2010

Volcom Street Pro: Finals

This week we hang out with the hottest new duo from Hollywood... LMFAO. RedFoo and SkyBlu are big fans of skateboarding and have contributed a lot to its soundtrack with the release of their hot new CD on the Interscope label entitled "Party Rock". Watch Video>>

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Some people don't require much to get out of the house, get on their board and into the wind.

YourLook | YourStyle | YourWorld... read more

lmfaoLMFAO - ONTHEMiC We talked to the LMFAO duo about their style and their clothing line. Available at PartyRockLife.com - Check it out here>>

DVS Skateboard Demo

Skatetronics.com covered its first event April 18, 2009 at Pedlow Park in Encino, Ca. The DVS shoes team came out and rocked it. They gave all the kids free stuff and everyone had a good time. Thanks to Gabe and Jeron and a very special thanks to Ryan Newman from Zeke and Luther. And a super thanks to DJ Gimel for lacing the air with beats. 

We want to know what music you think is the hottest to be the background to skateboard tricks and skillz videos... go here to add your 2¢ cents. 

Some people don't require much to get out of the house, get on their board and into the wind. YourLook | YourStyle | YourWorld... read more

When we say gear we're referring to clothes or equiptment. Whether it's shoes, pants shirts T's, skateboards, pads, helmets and even video cameras or digital still cameras. We want you to know what you're buying before you buy it. Where the deals are. Check out our Gear2Have page before you spend your money...read more

Have you checked out the Nike campaign with Paul Rodriquez Jr. and hip hop legend Ice Cube? It features a cameo by L A Laker Star Kobi Bryant. Check the commercial out below...

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Dec. 2009 archieves


Fishbone band

On The Road With FishBone - I’ve experienced many things in my life but this one has to be up in the top 5 best experiences in my life. At 3:30pm on Wednesday, December 3 of this year (2009) I got a call from Norwood of the legendary Ska-reggae-punk-funk-rock group “Fishbone” and he ask if I wanted to come out for a small set of four show long the coast of California in four cities, San Francisco, Los Angeles, The Inland Empire and San Diego. They were going to leave for San Francisco the next morning at 7:00am. It was a last minute thing but I had to say yes because this was a chance of a lifetime. I’ve been a fan of the Fishbone movement since the 1980’s, plus I do have some previous history with the lead singer and original member of Fishbone, Angelo Moore. We met at the Sherman Oaks Galleria at the arcade when we were kids. read more...

As far as the eye can see out in the horizon is the most amazing view of any skateboard park in the world. The 16,000-square-foot facility near Windward Avenue and Ocean Front Walk on Prime beach front property is the home of the new Venice Skate Park which opened this past October 2009. Read the article here...

THE 1st ANNUAL SUNSET STRIP FESTIVAL WAS A BIG HIT. This event was originally scheduled for June 26 through the 28 but had to be rescheduled in order to make the event the best it could be and the reschedule was well worth it. This Festival took place on Sept. 10, 11, and 12. Video here...
Read the article here...


LMFAO Rockin all the way to the fun house. Check out this interview if you missed it here in the OnTheMic section Skatetronics.com Watch Video>> Read about the LMFAO interview here


LMFAO-Style click the photo>>>


Long Island, New York Village Hall to crack down on skateboarders read why we think this is an important story >>> read more

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Skateboarder and Skate Park designing pioneer Andy Kessler passes away at the young age of 48, read more here...


Videos for beginners - From the You Tube library we have compiled videos that show you how to do some of the morempopular triicks and skillz. Skaters giving lessons and advice on how to Flip Kick, Grind, Ollie, Fakie and more. This is for beginners... videos here.


Skatetronics asks our readers
to give us their opinion on who is their favorite artist to listen to when you're riding your board? Give us your opinion here>>>